Jingbo (Jing Bo, Eric) Yang

About Me

I am Jingbo, a CS Masters student from Stanford University. I am interested in all things related to Artificial Intelligence, including Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Reinforcement Learning. As a software engineer, I stand firmly behind writing high quality production code, even for personal and research projects. Code readability and experiment reproducibility is key to the sucess of any project.

Previously, I was an Engineering Science student and received BASc. from University of Toronto (1T7+PEY). I've had a few internships and have taken part in many research projects. Oh, also, I have built rockets! I'm sure few software engineers have worked on computational fluid dynamics modeling for rockets.


  • Master of Science in Computer Science

    Stanford University

    2018.09 - 2020.06

  • Bachelor of Appliced Science in Engineering Science

    University of Toronto

    2013.09 - 2018.06

Work Experience

Citadel LLC

Software Engineer


Software engineering rotation program.
FX and futures market making.

Citadel LLC

Software Engineer Intern


Front office data engineering.
Intelligence financial statement analysis.

Stanford University

Research Assisstant


EEG analysis for depression.
Self-supervised learning for chest X-ray.
Driver identification from driving behaviour.

Intel PSG (former Altera)

Software Engineer Intern


FPGA device property database management.
Optimization for device compilation process.
C++ Compiler migration.


Software Engineer Intern


Geological data management.
3D geometry error analysis.


KDD Mining and Learning from Time Series Workshop, August 2020

JAMA Network Open Psychiatry, June 2020

The Techna Symposium: Enabling AI in Healthcare, 2019

International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), 2019

School Things

Stanford University

Teaching Assisstant


CS229 Machine Learning

Introduction to Python Jupyter Notebook

Introduction to Deep Learning Slides

CS230 Deep Learning

Course notes, 2019

Undergraduate Thesis, 2018

University of Toronto Aerospace Team

Fluid Dynamic Lead


Rocket airframe performance analysis.
Oxydizer injector design.

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